Bylaws and Policies

The above by-laws are our set of rules by which we run our club. These bylaws are only to be amended through a special resolution after which they have to be submitted to and approved by Registries Alberta.

In order to be completely registered for the CRSC players need to:

  • complete registration form

  • sign waiver

  • pay registration fees

A CRSC member in good standing:

  • registers fully and completely with the CRSC (see above)

  • adheres to the philosophy that the club comes before the individual

  • respects a club system of organization

  • maintains communication with the club by responding to eMails and phone calls

  • plays in a sportsmanlike manner

Registration Policy


All players in the CRSC must pay fees and be completely registered prior to setting foot on the field for the first game of the season. Players who did not pay their CRSC fees in a prior season will have to make up arrears plus pay for the present season before being permitted to play any games.

Players who have not returned his or her jersey from a past season are responsible for returning the jersey to the club before they can play. Alternatively, the player is subject to a $50 jersey replacement fee. Even if you intend to keep wearing the same jersey from season to season, you are still required to return your jersey at the end of every season, or else pay the $50 replacement fee.

Revised Refund policy (February 2016):

If due to circumstances out of a players control, you are not able to play but have already paid your fees, you can ask for a refund. Every request will be discussed in the board and depending on the circumstance we may pay a partial refund, yet in any situation we will retain a $50 registration fee.

All competitive and recreational CRSC players must register on TeamSnap. Teams in the CRSC have TeamSnap accounts paid for by the club. A TeamSnap account allows players, managers, and coaches to smoothly organize their teams for practices and games. TeamSnap features include: team rosters, player contact information, player availability, practice and game schedules, photo and file uploads, as well as easy team communication.

After your registration has been processed and fees paid in full, your team's manager will assign you to a CRSC team roster on TeamSnap. An automated invitation eMail then goes out for you to join TeamSnap! Look for it in your mailbox!

A copy of this Waiver & Release is included in our online Registration form, and requires your consent (via initials) before your online registration can be processed.


Each league has their own regulations for play-ups. Please visit CUSA, CWSA and CMSA for the respective rules and regulations:




A Play-Up is a registered player from another team within the CRSC.  Coaches may call upon Play-Ups for a number of reasons:

  • a coach might want to see how the player fits in with the team on a trial basis

  • it could be part of a transition for a player moving to a higher or lower division

  • it could be the need for numbers on a roster for a game

A Call-Up is a player used in an extreme or desparate situation who may help the team out as a last resort.  A Call-Up is used when all other possibilities have been exhausted, or when the player may be a potential "new recruit" for the team. A Call-Up need not necessarily be a registered CRSC member but rather could be:

  • an eligible player from outside the club

  • a player from the recreational league who may have to register with CRSC and CUSA/CWSA to ensure playing eligibility

  • a registered player for another team

As a club, we strongly recommend to use Play-ups before Call-ups.  Coaches can make decisions and choices at their own discretion according to team needs for any given game, bearing in mind what is best for the team and that CRSC does not adhere to a win at all costs philosophy.

Coaches are responsible for communicating with the team manager and players and keep this process both open and transparent.

Your player ID or card number is your identification number for the league in which you play. For competitive teams, men's teams register with Calgary United Soccer Association (CUSA), and women's teams register with Calgary Women's Soccer Association (CWSA). In order to be issued a new player ID card, you must visit your league's head office, fill out an application, have your photo taken and pay a nominal fee. A valid temporary card is issued until the official card is sent out to you in the mail, usually within a few days. For all competitive leagues, valid ID cards are mandatory for all players on all teams!

New players can leave the "Competitive ID" field on the registration form empty, but are required to forward their new card ID to the CRSC at as soon as it is available. Remember, no official Player ID card means you are not eligible to play!

Teams qualifying for provincials receive a stipend from the club. For a provincial championship at home (in Calgary), teams are granted $250. For provincial championships away, teams qualifying for provincials are granted $500. Teams qualifying for provincials must be aware of roster submission deadlines, as well as ASA rules and regulations for provincial team roster qualification:

The following is taken care of by the club:

  • CUSA and CWSA registation

  • books turf

  • maintains fields

  • schedules games

  • schedules practices

  • supplies uniforms

  • keeper gloves

  • jerseys

  • first-aid kits

  • practice balls

  • game balls

  • provincials

  • skill development

  • technical training

  • coaching courses

  • referee courses

We are always looking for volunteers to help out with running a successful club. If you are interested in any of the below, contact us at


  • grant proposals

  • live and silent auction


  • website

  • thank-you letters

  • marketing

  • newspaper correspondent

  • SLSFSC bulletin board


  • club social events

  • cochrane cup

  • field clean-up

  • 5 year club plan

  • policies & procedures


  • field maintenance

  • equipment

  • referee coordination

  • game and practice scheduling


  • board member

  • coach

  • volunteer coordinator

  • team manager

The following list of Player Volunteer Duties is a suggested starting point that team managers might use to delegate volunteer duties to team members:

  • contact new and former players to establish season roster

  • organise paperwork, wavers, and fee collections

  • attend CUSA/CWSA/CMSA meetings as required

  • represent team at CRSC meetings

  • look after equipment bag, including match and practice balls

  • track and collect team jerseys during season

  • update team events on TeamSnap; including game, practice and roster info

  • distribute and collect corner flags at home games

  • check and clean up team bench area after all games

  • check player availability on TeamSnap and manage subs as needed

  • collect and re-distribute player cards from referee

  • prepare gamesheets in advance of all games

  • ensure First-Aid kit is stocked

The CRSC sends one player from each team every year to take a referee course. This referee course is mandated by CUSA and CWSA.

Referees are paid on a graduated scale based on experience for both outdoor and indoor games. Similarly, assistant referees are also compensated for their role in competitive games.

Coaches must have a criminal record check in order to coach a team. In order to get a criminal record check one must visit the FCSS building (the big new blue apartment building) in Cochrane and pay $31.50. Take the receipt from FCSS to the RCMP detachment in Cochrane. Here you will fill out a couple of forms. Bring with you 2 pieces of identification, the name and address of the group requiring the CPIC check (CUSA, CWSA or CMSA). The check takes three weeks.

You pay for insurance. What if you sustain an injury while playing soccer? What do you do? The Alberta Soccer Association (ASA) has insurance for players who are injured in a practice or game. The insurance is included in the fees we pay to play soccer. Please visit ASA for details.

If you have an injury resulting from a soccer game or practice, please follow the instructions outlined in ASA Sport Accident Insurance - Claims and keep in mind that your claim must be made within 30 days of the injury incident. You may also want to keep a copy of the ASA Sports Accident Claims Form on hand.